Singapore 2008: Pit Lane Tumbles & Wurz’s Temporary Role

During the Singapore Grand Prix, a number of teams made a mess of their pitstops and we saw a few mechanics fall to the ground as the cars sped away before they should have done. Most notable among the incidents was Felipe Massa, who was given the green light even though the fuel-rigger hadn’t released the hose from the car. In spectacular fashion, Massa kept his foot planted and ripped the hose from the rig, dragging it behind him and pulling the refueller to the floor in the process.

At the time, Ferrari spokesperson Luca Colajanni stated that the team member was not seriously hurt but was being taken to the circuit’s medical centre as a precaution. It turns out that the mechanic escaped injury aside from a few bruises.

David Coulthard’s refueller wasn’t quite so lucky as Red Bull’s incident has led to their team member with ligament damage to his ankle. Thankfully, Coulthard’s experience probably helped as the Scot jumped on the brakes almost immediately after realising something wasn’t right.

The technician who was knocked over during David’s final pit stop has damaged his ankle ligaments and burned his thumb, but fortunately other than that he’s okay. Christian Horner.

Interestingly, former Benetton and Williams driver Alex Wurz was asked on the eve of the race to step into the role of Medical Car Driver, the regular driver having been taken ill. Wurz was apparently recommended by the Safety Car driver Bernd Maylander as the two know each other quite well.

Currently with Honda as a test driver, Wurz took on the role and even saw some action as he followed Maylander out onto the track to assess Nelson Piquet’s accident. Fortunately, Piquet was fine and was already making his way back to the pitlane by the time the medical team had arrived at the scene.

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