Red Bull Give Popular Blogger Ultimatum

Only six or so weeks after writing about The Red Bullog being a new and exciting addition to the online world of Formula One, site owner Dan has had to close the blog. Yesterday evening, Dan posted his final farewell to the site, explaining the reasons behind the closure. It turns out that Red Bull weren’t overly impressed with the use of the Red Bull logos and feared the site may cause confusion to fans who could presume it to be an official site of Red Bull rather than a passionate fan’s creation.

Whilst I don’t know the full details behind Red Bull’s issue with The Red Bullog, they decided to write to Dan and give him an option to either sign an agreement with Red Bull or close the site. The agreement would have restricted Dan’s ability to use images and other such material, and because his content would have been under scrutiny, one cannot blame Dan for the decision he has made.

It is with regret that this will be the last ever post on The Red Bullog. Having pondered over the contents of this letter for the past few hours, it has severely knocked any enthusiasm I had. What began just six months ago as a labour of love, quickly developed into a time consuming obsession to provide Red Bull Racing fans with something worth reading and I hope I that I have been successful in my quest to do so. Dan Cross, The Red Bullog.

I find it a great shame that Red Bull have taken this decision. While they are probably well within their right to do what they have done, I feel the spirit in which this happened deplorable. Red Bull have had, in the past, an attitude towards their ventures that is refreshing and upbeat. With Dan and The Red Bullog, Red Bull had a fan who wrote well and praised the team on numerous occasions. Dan’s unofficial site was full of useful information and clearly the creation of someone who was passionate about the team’s continued presence in Formula One. Red Bull should be embracing people like this, not pushing them away.

Dan has promised not to disappear, but losing a site that was so attentively cherished by its author and visitors is not a pleasant way to start a season of blogging. I just hope that one day, Red Bull realise that errors in judgment like what has happened here will only push people away from them and away from their products.

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