Australia 2010: Photo Of Qualifying

Australia 2010: Photo Of Qualifying

The image of qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix is a shot of Michael Schumacher talking with Fernando Alonso after qualifying had completed. The image is quite poignant, Schumacher having driven 181 races for Ferrari before retiring in 2006. The multiple world champion was intending to make a comeback in 2009 to substitute the recovering Felipe Massa, but a neck injury sustained from a biking accident put an end to the dream. With motorsport still flowing through his veins though, Schumacher returned in 2010, defecting to Mercedes. Fernando Alonso joined the Scuderia for this season and won on his debut for the team two weeks ago. Perhaps Schumacher is asking Alonso if he wants to swap teams.

Michael Schumacher & Fernando Alonso - 2010 Australian Grand Prix

Image © Studio Colombo.

Oliver White


  • MS was asking FA if the team (Ferrari) had told him that he (MS) was on a flying lap. FA said no, and then MS went to Charlie to see if the rules had changed a bit.

    That’s classy, isn’t it? The multiple champion has no need to over-react, a couple of questions in a nice manner do the trick.

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