Caption Contest: #94

Caption Contest: #94

The ninety-fourth photograph to feature in BlogF1’s caption contest. You know the drill, think of something funny and witty to say and leave it as a comment below. Everybody and their grandma is tweeting apparently. The BBC have embraced the online app that simply asks, “What are you doing?”. Even the Formula One teams have been getting in on the action and interacting with fans and sharing information. As here’s a shot of Heikki Kovalainen doing just that in the McLaren Technical Centre in Woking. But what is he writing? To make it even more fun, try and keep your comment to no more than 140 characters.

Heikki Kovalainen - Tweeting from MTC

Also, comments may not be moderated for the next three days. I apologise in advance, but I’m out of the country. I’m gonna guess and say that I will have Internet access where I am, but I do not intend to spend the rest of the week glued to a monitor (and my phone is being turned off). If your comment goes to moderation, I do apologise, and I will sort it out once I return.

Oh, McLaren’s Twitter account is here, and mine is here. BlogF1 does have a dedicated account as well, but it only really gets updated when a new post is published.

Oliver White


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