Caption Contest: #91

Caption Contest: #91

The ninety-first photograph to feature in BlogF1’s caption contest. You know the drill, think of something funny and witty to say and leave it as a comment below. I’m not entirely sure what is going on, but BlogF1 appears to have been taken over by Nick Heidfeld fans who are intent on publishing photos of the BMW driver in odd situations that would be ideal for captioning. Currently, Ollie is tracking down the perpetrator/s and thinks they might be located somewhere inside his own mind. While the investigations continue though, please feel free to pass the time by adding amusing lines to the image…

Nick Heidfeld - 2009 Australian Grand Prix

Image © BMW AG.

Oliver White


  • Rob, the Chief Kanga: Jense, you hold his legs. Yawno, you grab his arms. Seb, you keep look out and turn the burgers on the barby every now and then. I’ll rough him up a bit and steal his shades.

  • Despite Mario Theissen’s insistence that the new, genetically enhanced pit crews would be able to complete pit stops in “hopping good time,” Nick was not convinced.

  • Where’s Pink? I need a decent Australian accent to shine through so I get an idea of how to phrase my most recently thought-up caption. I’m aware that sounds odd, but whenever I read Pink’s comments, I hear a great Oz accent.

    Thanks Greg, thanks Steven. 😆

  • Pink to the rescue ! If my post can conjure up the correct ‘strine’ accent for your caption, it would be my pleasure.

    Kanga # 1: How’s this blokes form? Comes to see us & doesn’t even bring a slab ! What a p**f !

    (can I say that on here? Only because it is a catchall Aussie insult, not necessarily meant to cast apserions on someones sexuality)

  • Oh, and a ‘slab’ is 24 cans of beer. Usually VB. Considered very poor form to show up at a ‘do’ without one.

    PS I noticed your absence Ollie. You were missed ! You know how I love my caption contests !

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