Brazil 2008: Pitstop & Tyre Strategies

Brazil 2008: Pitstop & Tyre Strategies

Well, that was a race and a half concerning pit stops. There were so many I actually lost count. The following information is just from my own observation, and I rushed the post for Sidepodcast and their live recording of their podcast. I think my math is wrong but I’ll correct it later tonight. Most started on wets, although Robert Kubica started on mediums, but pitted for wets and took the start from the pitlane.

Brazil 2008: Tyre/Race Strategies

Prime Tyre: Medium

Option Tyre: Hard

Wets: Intermediates

Due to the start of the race being wet, the drivers were able to run on one tyre for the entire race – the rule about running both compounds is negated in these circumstances.

Driver/Team Stint 1
Stint 2
Stint 3
Stint 4
Stint 5
Stint 6


Lewis Hamilton Wet Hard (9) Hard (38) Wet (64)
Heikki Kovalainen Wet Hard (8) Hard (40) Wet (63)


Kimi Raikkonen Wet Hard (9) Hard (39) Wet (64)
Felipe Massa Wet Hard (8) Hard (35) Wet (65)


Nick Heidfeld Wet Hard (?) Hard (40) Wet (63)
Robert Kubica Wet (0) Hard (?) Hard (45) Wet (63)


Fernando Alonso Wet Hard (6) Hard (38) Wet (65)
Nelson Piquet Jr. Wet


Jarno Trulli Wet Hard (9) Hard (47)
Timo Glock Wet Hard (6) Hard (44)

Scuderia Toro Rosso

Sebastian Vettel Wet Hard (7) Hard (?) Hard (49) Wet (65)
Sebastien Bourdais Wet Hard (5) Hard (36) Extreme (?) Wet (65)

Red Bull Racing

David Coulthard Wet
Mark Webber Wet Hard (6) Hard (46) Wet (65)


Nico Rosberg Wet Hard (5) Hard (38) Wet (65)
Kazuki Nakajima Wet Hard (6) Hard (50) Wet (61)


Rubens Barrichello Wet Hard (6) Hard (38) Extreme (?) Wet (64)
Jenson Button Wet Hard (6) Hard (34) Hard (?) Extreme (?) Wet (65)

Force India

Giancarlo Fisichella Wet Medium (1) Medium (36) Extreme (?) Wet (65)
Adrian Sutil Wet Medium (6) Medium (42) Extreme (?) Wet (62)

Oliver White


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