BlogF1 In The Sunday Times

BlogF1 In The Sunday Times

Of all the newspapers available for me to read, I normally plump for The Sunday Times. There are a variety of reasons why, but mainly because I find it generally unbiased (though only in comparison), features some great articles and the only time I ever get to sit down and enjoy a paper is on a Sunday. However, with a hectic lifestyle, juggling a full-time career and running BlogF1, the relaxing time spent on a Sunday morning with the paper and coffee has been sacrificed; I blame the flyaway races! And just as it was with my summer holiday last year, my timing to give up the Sunday read was as impeccable as ever.

BlogF1 got a mention in the InGear supplement last Sunday in an article written by Robbie Hudson. The article speaks about the plethora of websites dedicated to the nation’s love of motorsport, and describes some of the best ways to catch up on the news and gossip of Formula One.

Few other sports are as well catered for online as F1, meaning that rookies and pros alike can follow the action in as much detail as they want. Whether it is pit-lane gossip, team tactics or nostalgia surfing for past greats there are websites for everyone. Robbie Hudson, The Sunday Times.

The man is quite right as well. Few other sports receive such great coverage online as Formula One does, and I believe that on the whole, us bloggers and site owners are doing a pretty grand job at it.

Further into Robbie’s article he moves on to “amateur sites” and BlogF1 got its first mention in the mainstream media. Well, the first that I’m aware of, anyway!

Amateur bloggers can be more discursive – try the British ollief1.com, where Oliver White analyses for the fans and gives newbies an accessible introduction to fan culture. Robbie Hudson, The Sunday Times.

The article is a great read for new fans to the sport, and I reckon 2008 has already seen a boost in first-time viewers. I even discovered a couple of sites myself that I was unaware of until this morning.

The full article can be read by following this link, so that just leaves me to thank Keith from F1Fanatic for bringing it to my attention, Robbie for including my little corner of the F1-blogosphere in his article and you, my readers, for continuing to come here and add further insight into the thrilling world that is Formula One.

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