Coffee & Cigarettes For Ferrari

Coffee & Cigarettes For Ferrari

Maxwell House LogoPhilip Morris, the owners of the Marlboro cigarette brand have apparently come up with a contingency plan in case their subliminal branding on the Ferrari car is deemed illegal, Paddock Talk have reported.

With tobacco being outlawed, a lot of teams have spent the last couple of years finding other sponsors to fund their teams, with Renault moving away from Mild Seven, and BAT pulling out of Honda entirely. But Philip Morris have recently extended their contract with Ferrari until 2011, going against the trend and insisting that their idea of subtly colouring the car without logos is acceptable.

However, should the powers that be decide this is wrong, Philip Morris have lined up sponsorship of some of their other non-tobacco companies. And this is the bit I never realised until today: Altria Group – Philip Morris’ parent company – do not just own Marlboro, they also own Maxwell House coffee, Oreo cookies and food brand Kraft. Philip Morris also sub-contract out much of the remaining space on the Ferrari to other companies such as Shell and Alice.

Image courtesy of Kraft Foods.

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Oliver White


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