Site Update: Relatively Important Notice

Site Update: Relatively Important Notice

I am aware of a recent slowdown in the site performance – thanks to everyone who emailed me. As far as I can ascertain, this is due to Performancing.com changing servers, and this has possibly screwed up the ad placement I normally display at the top of the right sidebar. Coupled with record numbers of visitors to the site (thanks, by-the-way) it is no wonder things are running a little slow at present. But in an effort to keep all you guys and gals happy, and to keep the site running, I have disabled the ad code as a temporary measure. As and when everything settles down at Performancing.com I will enable the code again. But readers come first and foremost and are always my main concern – hence this notice.

Thanks for bearing with me and I hope you’re all enjoying the new car pictures. We have BMW tomorrow, and then I get a short break until Renault launch on the 24th. Although knowing my luck one of the other teams will choose to launch in the mean time.

Oliver White

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