“I don’t consider Formula One like a sport anymore.”

“I don’t consider Formula One like a sport anymore.”

The words of Fernando Alonso this morning as he publicly protests his grid penalty following an alleged blocking attempt on Felipe Massa from Ferrari yesterday during qualifying.

Fernando Alonso is clearly upset about the situation, and the penalty makes his job of beating Michael Schumacher very difficult today. At a press conference, Fernando spoke from his heart when he said the following:

I am a sportsman. I love sport, I love the fans. I don’t consider Formula One like a sport anymore.

Is this blocking anyone? If this is blocking I don’t understand how we can race today.

Pat Symonds – Renault Technical Director – believes the damaged Renault of Alonso actually helped Massa by giving him a tow down the straight, saying “Massa got a good tow. His speed was the fastest of the qualifying session. He got some advantage from it. I don’t understand the penalty, because we don’t feel we impeded him.”

Here’s the video.

Is Fernando correct, or is it a case of sour grapes? Have your say…

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Oliver White


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